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Further to the notification in March, with regard to the deadline for completion of your qualification, it has come to our notice that there are some students who have submitted work for 4DEP and 5DVP which is not showing up for marking on our schedule. This is usually due to the student not submitting the Plan and/or Record. If you believe that you have submitted this work and it has not been marked, you need to CHECK your online services account on the dropdown menu. If there is a note against one of the Parts saying ‘Incomplete Submission’ you need to check whether you have completed the Plan and Record on the front page of your account, and submitted these. If you have done this correctly, your account will show all parts as ‘Submitted’ – you do NOT need to notify us to confirm this. We cannot mark your work until you have done this – it will not show on our Marking Report. This might apply to students who have submitted work as far back as 2018, which has not yet been marked. It is YOUR responsibility to check this – we will not notify you ourselves.


We shall respond to general enquiries within 5 working days (please note that the UK Office observes Saturday and Sunday weekends).

  • If your enquiry is related to CIPD matters (Membership, Certificates etc) you will need to contact the CIPD directly on; membershipenquiry@cipd.co.uk 
  • If your enquiry is related to your results – please be advised that your work will be marked within our Service Level Agreement of 30 working days from the date of submission.
  • You do not need to request an extension for the submission of your work. Dates are for guidance only.  


If you are having difficulty downloading the self assessment from the CIPD Profession Map this is because the 2013 version is no longer available. 

Please go onto the 2018 CIPD Profession Map and identify one area of specialist knowledge, one core behaviour and one area of core knowledge. You should then self assess your self against these 3 areas.




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